“Ring the bolden bell” ưith primary Uts-ers!


Building knowledge for students is one of the key tasks of US Vietnam Talent International School in the journey of creating UTS-er portraits. The “Ring the Golden Bell” contest is one of the school’s activities to help students test and systematize their knowledge.

Following the “Ring the Golden Bell” contest organized for secondary UTS-ers, in the past week, this “game show” was held for elementary UTS-ers.

At the contest, apart from the contestants, the supporters were very excited to answer the questions raised by the organizers and received extremely lovely gifts.

Correctly answering 12 questions (above the number of 10 questions required for grade 1 students), UTS-er Giang Son Tyson won the grand prize in this “Ring the Golden Bell” contest! Big congratulations to Tyson and all the contestants!!!

Let’s look back on the beautiful moments of this contest!