Middle School - Grades: 06 - 09

Our Academic Programs

Every school day, every day of life is a journey of discovery for each student of US Vietnam Talent International School. Originating from an intensive education research process, the UTS academic program is designed to make learning a responsibility and interest for each student, helping students understand the meaning of learning for themselves and society, thereby forming lifelong learning habits. UTS students not only study in the classroom, but learn at home, from teachers, friends, and the surrounding society as well.

About the program

The Middle School period is an important milestone, marking the psychological changes, and physical and mental development of students. Therefore, in addition to the formal teaching and learning program, UTS integrates skills training, increases experiential activities, and helps children have the opportunity to explore the world and find their own strengths. The program aims to build a comprehensive environment which is derived from the life value platform together with the curriculum and teaching methods that are student-centred. Each class helps students discover the beauty of each subject, develop their interest in learning, train their discipline, as well as build their passion and willpower. From there, the students can find their true strengths to start orienting their career and future profession.

The educational program includes

  • Standard curriculum specified by the Ministry of Education & Training
  • International English program in accordance with Common Core Standard, USA
  • Life Skills Programs SEL21, STEM, ICT MOS, etc.
  • Club (4 periods/week/inter-subject topic)
  • Experiential learning: 10 activities/year

Output goals

Middle School Graduation Certificate granted by the DoET

PET certificate

Academic IELTS 4.5