High School - Grades: 10 - 12

Our Academic Programs

Every school day, every day of life is a journey of discovery for each student of US Vietnam Talent International School. Originating from an intensive education research process, the UTS academic program is designed to make learning a responsibility and interest for each student, helping students understand the meaning of learning for themselves and society, thereby forming lifelong learning habits. UTS students not only study in the classroom, but learn at home, from teachers, friends, and the surrounding society as well.

About the program

With the orientation to build a synchronous educational environment, UTS builds a specialized learning model according to students’ abilities, increases the number of lessons appropriately, supplements intensive curriculum in subjects at which the students are strong at. For high school students, the school enhances collective activities and practical experience activities, and combines theory with practice, thereby helping students become global citizens who possess both knowledge and skills and contribute to the development of society. Specifically:

  • Improving the quality of ethics, life skills, and life values: The school attaches special importance to the moral education of students. First of all, the school builds discipline and educates students to live, study and work independently.
  • Improving the quality of learning: Towards the goal of training a generation of students who obtain firm skills and knowledge, the school curriculum is designed to make learning a personal responsibility for each student, to help students understand the meaning of knowledge, and to train students to actively learn from different sources in class/at home/from the surrounding environment.
  • Attaching career orientation to the academic program: Determining a job to do and a way to live happily not only derives from the college years but also from the hobbies and experiences that students have accumulated from each day at school. Understanding the meaning of this, at high school level, the school has built an oriental study path that helps students have the opportunity to experience reality and find their own direction and career.

Output goals

High school diploma

Academic IELTS 6.5