American High School - Grades: 9 - 12

Our Academic Programs

Every school day, every day of life is a journey of discovery for each student of US Vietnam Talent International School. Originating from an intensive education research process, the UTS academic program is designed to make learning a responsibility and interest for each student, helping students understand the meaning of learning for themselves and society, thereby forming lifelong learning habits. UTS students not only study in the classroom, but learn at home, from teachers, friends, and the surrounding society as well.

About the program

Dual degree program in collaboration with the University of Missouri (USA): is a new and challenging option for high school students. Students who complete this program will receive the American and Vietnamese High School diplomas at the same time.

  • The MUH program is certified by AdvancED Accreditation Organization and North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCAC).
  • Students will attend the MOET program along with 12 courses (6 credits) of the MUH program in 4 years: 9-12.
  • The program is taught directly by foreign teachers of UTS; at the same time, MUH’s teachers teach students via online system.
  • Students will have access to MUH’s online library with extensive resources for better learning.

This favorable partnership opens up opportunities for students to experience the American education system in Vietnam while expanding students’ opportunit√≠e to receive scholarships to prestigious colleges and universities across the United States.

Output goals

High School Graduation Diploma

American High School Graduation Diploma